Buying FAQs

What type of information will my agent need from me?

To do the best job for you, your agent will need the best information you can provide.  This would include such things as:

  • preferred price range
  • number of bedrooms / bathrooms
  • style of home (single-story, two-story, etc.)
  • size of yard
  • preferred school districts
  • geographical areas / neighborhoods of interest
  • special needs / special interests which your home needs to accommodate

Your agent will have additional questions for you about the type of property you are looking for and how you like to work.

How can I find out about new properties?

New homes come on the market every day and your agent will work with you to determine how often you want to receive updates on available homes, and by what method.  Clients using email can receive automatic updates from most MLS systems as soon as new listings are entered and processed.

Can my agent provide information on properties listed with other companies?

Yes, provided your agent is a member of the MLS where the property is listed (in our case, the NWMLS).  Most agents in our area are members of the NWMLS regardless of what company they are with.

What if I find a property on my own?

With the advent of the online home search engines, many buyers have begun searching for – and often finding – properties of interest while working with an agent.  Simply contact your agent with the address or the MLS number of the property in question and your agent will take it from there.

Can I go to open houses without my agent?

Yes.  However, when meeting the agent hosting the open house it’s best if you immediately identify yourself as working with another agent so you can make sure your interests are represented by your agent.

Is it expensive to use a buyer’s agent?
The compensation that a buyer’s agent (also called the “selling agent”) receives typically comes from the seller’s proceeds and is a percentage of the total commission charged by the listing company. In most cases, there is no cost for a buyer to be represented by an agent.